Gurpreet Takhar: My story

Iā€™m competing for my first bikini competition in March. I was motivated to do this by some recent health issues that I had been diagnosed with in the last couple of years, namely Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. I wanted to show myself that I was strong enough to fight through those and anything else that came my way. I was fortunate enough to come across Yaletown Fitness and Andrea & Ondrej.

I went to them with an open mind to see if they thought I could do this competition. Their response was: of course, if you’re willing to work hard for it you can do it. This has been quite the journey and I am so incredibly grateful for Andrea and Ondrej.

They are the hardest working personal trainers I have ever come across.

Andrea provides so much motivation inspiration and support, daily, it’s unbelievable. She really cares about you and how well you do and gets excited to see the results just as much as you do yourself.

Ondrej is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the fitness industry I have ever come across. Not to mention always so cheerful and funny. He makes it very easy to talk to him about anything. You can tell he takes a true passion in knowing the human body and diet and nutrition. I was surprised by how much knowledge he had of my conditions and adjusted my diet plan accordingly.

Since beginning this journey, my body has changed drastically inside and out.

I have lost body fat, gained muscle mass and love the way I’m starting to look!* I have managed my diabetes well and have reduced the amount of insulin I actually need! This is most definitely, without a doubt, the most stable my health has been. This is all thanks to the guidance of my amazing coaches.

I was hesitant to begin this journey because of my health conditions and being able to find the right guidance. But did I ever! I couldn’t be more grateful to have met these two. They truly are 2 of the most amazing individuals. They have completely empowered me. Wonderful souls and amazing personal trainers and coaches.

* Disclaimer: While this is an actual testimonial, it is no guarantee that you will receive the same outcome. Results may vary from person to person.

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