Contest Tips For First-Time Competitors

Thinking of stepping on stage for the first time as a bikini, figure or physique competitor? Read these tips:

Lots of people achieve an incredible physique transformation just by participating in a 12 week fitness program or challenge. If you’ve done any of this, you know you can be a strong, and even stronger.

Bikini * Figure * Women’s Physique * Men’s physique
Take the next step by directing your energies toward stepping on stage. Consider entering a fitness competition—nothing gets you more focused like standing in front of others on stage. This is so true!

You might be overwhelmed by the new challenges and obstacles your first competition presents, but ultimately you’ll find the experience can be extremely rewarding. It’s an opportunity to set—and achieve—a major goal in your life, which creates the possibility of a fulfilling journey. If you’ve never competed, you’ll have plenty of questions, and that’s where YALETOWN FITNESS can help.

Don’t stop right there and continue on your journey and take another step!

To get you started on the right heel, here are few things you should consider prior to starting your first contest prep. With these out of the way, you’ll have five fewer things to worry about as you actually begin your preparation.

As an amateur, there are a number of organizations you can compete under. Just a few are the BCABBA, WBFF and IDFA. We personally started as an amateurs with BCABBA which is the largest in BC and it offers many opportunities for all athletes. We would recommend this organization for everyone and especially for those who want to compete on a National and International Level.

It may help you decide which category you want to compete in by attending a show. We are always up to date with the local shows and we can help you to choose one. We highly recommend you go to see what it is like on the stage.

Being completely new to competing, it would be beneficial to have a coach. A good coach can guide your preparation from start to finish.

Yaletown Fitness Team will help from start to finish

We offer the full contest package with an amazing support. Training with us means more than just training and goodbye, we follow up on you in person or via email for our online clients, we will always be here for you, we want you to succeed. You can work with Yaletown Fitness in-person or online. We have amazing results with both of those.

Hiring a competition coach: $1000-$2000
Bcabba Membership: $100
Contest registration: $100
Hotel (if you’re away from home): $100/night
Travel (rental car, plane ticket): $400
Suit: $150+
Competition jewelry: $20+
Heels: $30+
Tan: $135+
Makeup/hair: $120+
Admission tickets for your supporters: $35+ per person
Stage photos: $100+
*Some cost is not mandatory, you can do your own makeup and hair for example.
Are you ready to have a Consultation? Contact us today!

If you visit us in person or you can schedule your online time we can answer all your questions and also check your body condition to better tell you which category will be the best for you and also we will help you to plan your first contest date based on your physique.

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