Clients amazing stories: Krissy Marie

When I initially made the decision to compete in a bikini competition I started asking people I knew in Vancouver who I should get as my coaches. Ondrej and Andrea of My Trainer 365 consistently came up with strong recommendations and positive reviews. On a personal level after getting my fitness routine kick started 8 months prior I had come to the realization that I couldn’t do this on my own. I hadn’t obtained the results I wanted and had fallen out of routine on several occasions.

During my first meeting with Ondrej I knew I was in good hands. Mainly because he was perfectly honest. He was honest about my food intake I had shared with him and honest about my physique. I feel as though far to many trainers tell you what you want to hear and far to many times that ultimately means not getting the results you want. I could tell right away that these were the people that were going to push me to where I so wanted to be. The process of what would get me to competition was carefully explained to me and I was ready.

The support has been tremendous. I travel a lot for work so I did my training primarily online. I was astounded at how much was available to me doing this option. Their custom training app simplified the equation for getting stage ready. I literally had all the tools in the palm of my hand all while knowing the expertise of Ondrej and Andrea was just a text message away if I needed something.

During check ins I have had the chance of joining them in their training facility. I’ve been going to the gym on and off since high school. I was amazed at how many exercises I hadn’t been executing incorrectly all that time. Ondrej would focus on form corrections that ultimately have made a vast difference in the results of my training. I’ve made more strides in 90 days then I have in my cumulative gym time since high school.*

Posing practice with Andrea is also something I incorporated into my training. She is truly a master of her craft. She has incredible attention to detail and really takes the time to evaluate your individual physique. On top of that her years of experience allow her to be able to view you in the eyes of the judges. You can tell she is a perfectionist, which is exactly what you need. Especially for a first timer.

Things I’ve gained from them in this experience include Self confidence, Patience, Mental Strength, Life Balance, Discipline, Self Respect. You can’t put a price on that. The best part i’m by far in the best shape of my entire life.

If you’ve been thinking about a lifestyle change and don’t know where to start I highly recommend connecting with Ondrej and Andrea. They have turned my fitness goals and dreams into a reality.

My very first competition is just around the corner. They have made the process so clear and somehow enjoyable that I really feel it won’t be my only dabble in competitive fitness. As it stands now I hope to compete again in the fall. I will most definitely be teaming up with Ondrej and Andrea of My Trainer 365 once again should I go forward with that game plan.

Krissy Marie

* Disclaimer: While this is an actual testimonial, it is no guarantee that you will receive the same outcome. Results may vary from person to person.

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