How food is the fuel that powers your body goals

At any given moment on any given day we are bombarded with food-related information.

Whether it’s a billboard of a juicy burger or an Instagram ad marketing the latest 30 day juice cleanse… messages about food are unavoidable. And it is wholeheartedly confusing if you’re trying to make the right choices for yourself.

It is made even more complicated to make the right choice because there is so much misinformation out there being floated around as fact.

I don’t profess myself to be an expert by any means. In fact, I’m the total opposite of an expert. Personal trainers like Ondrej and Andrea Leipert as those who know about nutrition.

Up until 2017 I never looked at a nutritional label. Perhaps it was my lifelong aversion to math, but all those numbers and percentages made my head spin. I had no idea what a macronutrient was or why some would be beneficial. I thought fat was the root of all food evil. A portion size descriptor was just some cruel joke. We all knew my portion was clearly going to be the whole thing… now you expect me to multiply to figure out how many calories that is!

And on that note, I still don’t think I have a strong understanding of exactly what a calorie does within my body.

I do find it astounding, and I’m equally guilty, but how many of us own some sort of electronic equipment and have read the instruction manual? We research world history in school, study chemistry, statistics, yet it’s a very small group of us that studies how our body works.

So, it doesn’t come to much of a surprise that nutrition is baffling for many of us. I skirted by through much of my 20s with a stellar metabolism and a body that seemed to just magically take care of anything I ingested. I never really put much thought into what I ate. As a woman that grew closer to 30, that parade came to a very abrupt end.

Certain foods made my stomach upset. I found myself sluggish and seeking naps to get through the day. I was running like the equivalent of a car that was given sawdust instead of gasoline. Basically because the food I was eating was the equivalent of that saw dust.

As someone who has always been into some element of fitness this was frustrating. I was putting work in, but my results in the gym didn’t equate to the effort. My nutrition had everything to do with it.

In 2017 I decided to put an end to that. However, without any basis of knowledge, clearly I needed to enlist some help. I hired Ondrej of MyTrainer 365. Now cost is typically the number one reason many of us make the decision not to invest in someone like this in our life. I can tell you right now: you’ll probably find the funds just in some of the dinners out/take out that you eliminate from your diet.

Since connecting with the team at MyTrainer 365 I went through a complete lifestyle change. This has meant a lot of clean eating. Now for myself personally this has all been toward a specific process of competing with the British Columbia Amateur Bodybuilding Association. That being said, I have learned how to look at my food in a different way. I used to mindlessly eat. Bored. Eat. Entertain. Eat. Full. Eat.

Now I look at my food as fuel. When I put something in my body I think about how it will impact what I’m able to accomplish as the day goes on. My brain functions more clearly. My body is doing work in the gym that it never has before. I have found a new awareness.

Not be confused with an obsession. I can still have moments of wreckless guilt free donut related abandon. I just don’t continue to indulge in an entire dozen in one sitting even though my body signals have screamed ENOUGH minutes prior.

Many people when they think of a clean diet associate it with sacrifice. My feeling is why aren’t we looking at what we gain? Clean eating doesn’t have to translate to foods you hate. There are so many beautiful, fresh, whole food options that will give you the nutrients you need to perform at your best.

Finding something that works for you is number one. No two individuals are the same so following a cookie cutter formula isn’t going to be effective from one person to the next.

So if you’re feeling a little lost and don’t know where to start, ask for help. Find the person that will work with you to find the right formula for your lifestyle.

A lifestyle change may feel daunting at first, but I promise it isn’t this soul crushing difficult task you imagine it to be in your mind. It’s about making a conscious choice for the sake of your health each day. You are literally taking it one day and one meal at a time. I promise as you learn to fuel your body in a way it is getting all the elements it needs to function its best the results will come. You will actually seek out and crave those foods that make you feel good verses what looks good and decorated in a display case.

You will then have the epiphany that this was never about making a sacrifice; it was about gaining the tools that will make you function to the best of your abilities. What an amazing gift for yourself.

Remember, exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.

Krissy Marie

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