Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Expert guidance to encourage your staff to achieve new levels of productivity

What would it mean to your bottom line if employee absence was decreased, if employees were so engaged in your success that they had the same work ethic as the owner? What if they worked like their very life and happiness depended on the success of the company? What would it take to get them there?

We believe that physical and mental health go hand in hand. Our mission is to make positive differences in peoples lives and by doing so improve their life and their effectiveness and success. A fully engaged workforce improves the happiness and the bottom line of the companies they work for.

Why Coaching?

Every high performance sports team has one. Why? Because they work! When you want to be the best, you want the best coach to get you there. Take physical health and mental engagement to the next level.

Investing in your employees physical health will increase mental focus, wellness and engagement. A corporate physical training program can be a game changer for your business.

What we can offer

Our Corporate Training program provides you with custom solutions and fitness programs specifically designed to meet the needs of your team and surpass your expectations.

Sessions can be held on site, off site, before or after work, and on breaks.

How it works

Assessment: First we need to know what your business imperatives are. What issues are you currently facing? We anonymously ask employees what they think they need in order to do their jobs in the most engaged and effective way.

Do you need to encourage engagement, team sharing, innovation, mental focus and physical well-being?

Goal Setting: We devise a plan with you and agree upon a time line, with measurable steps and a schedule for re-evaluation.

Program: We design a specific plan optimized to your needs and your budget. It may include elements such as:

  • Morning meditation and stretch
  • Lunch chair massage
  • Fitness training, individual and group and customizable workout plans
  • Meal plans issued and tracked on a fitness app
  • Rebounders
  • High performance nutrition counseling
  • We can stock healthy snacks on site and as well provide healthy cooking classes at lunch or after work
  • Diet menus, shopping lists and food prep guides
  • Meal delivery for those that can’t cook/don’t have time
  • Home fridge cleanout and stocking with ingredients for busy executives
  • Access to cooking classes on line
  • Visual cues with motivations messages for employees that we will stick on their computers (switch them up every couple of days)
  • Meeting ideas to improve innovation ie: standing/walking meetings
  • Discussion corner such as a log book, blog for employee suggestions for program and feedback
  • Inspirational talks and discussions
What you get in this company-transforming program
  • Assessment of your employee issues, goals and needs
  • Fitness program optimized to your staff and their requirements
  • High-performance nutritional counseling and guidance
  • Regular critical assessment which allows for precise modifications to nutrition and training programming
  • Nutritional and supplement updates to prevent stagnation
  • 24/7 online support for any specific questions or concerns
  • Discussion corner to assist with individual questions and issues
  • Inspirational talks and presentations on health and fitness and how they impact productivity in life and work
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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Empower your business team to achieve new goals through a corporate wellness program

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