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Customized online training  with expert guidance. Your unique connection to Matrix 24/7.

If you’ve got your own training facilities or are located outside the Vancouver area, the Matrix program is the perfect choice. You get access to Ondrej or Andrea’s world-class skills and knowledge, with 24/7 support when you have questions or concerns. You work out on your own schedule, guided with a customized workout plan and nutritional support, along with weekly online monitoring of your progress.

Online Training Customized Diet Plan (Includes advice on Supplements as well as Cardio Protocols)

Online Training Customized Workout Plan to build lean muscle, get stronger, improve performance, improve sport conditioning, improve core stability or attain a symmetrical look.

Weekly ONLINE monitoring of your progress. This also includes our training app to track all your measurements, pictures, and more.

* Ongoing changes to your plans are included and these changes are based on your weekly progress.

How it Works

You start with an initial consultation, which can be by phone, Skype or another connection type. You then receive your customized plan. Check-ins are weekly by progress photos, food log or other info by Email. Our unique training app makes it easy to connect with us and provide measurements, photos and more. You can ask questions at any time. Every two weeks your plan may be modified based on your progress.

What you get in this life-changing online program
  • Training custom-designed for your capabilities and equipment
  • Meal-by-meal nutrition program based on your body’s needs and goals
  • Weekly critical assessment which allows for precise modifications to your nutrition and training programming
  • Weekly nutritional/supplements updates to prevent stagnation (upon review of performance log and pictures)
  • 24/7 online support for any specific questions or concerns
  • Exclusive fitness app that allows you to view your workout plan, including instructive videos in the gym
  • Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available

$129 Monthly

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Matrix Online

Matrix Online

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