Superfood Nutrition Plans

Your guide to vitality and great body composition through healthy eating

The Superfood program gives you a completely customized Diet Plan according your goals such as fat loss or building lean muscle. You start with a base meal plan suited to your lifestyle which is updated as you progress.

This also can include a proper detox plan to help aid in treating medical conditions like depression, diabetes, digestive problem, high bp, high cholesterol etc.

You receive a customized Supplement Plan that includes advice on the best products to help you reach your goals faster, while learning about the science behind them to help you avoid dysfunctional supplements.

Protocols include so-called Superfoods to accelerate your progress, along with the ability to use Detox or Cleansing protocols if desired.

How it Works

You start with an initial 30-minute consultation (typically in person). You then receive your customized plan. Check-ins are weekly by progress photos, food log or other info by Email. You can ask questions at any time. Every two weeks you receive another 30-minute in-person consultation.

What you get in this powerful program
  • Personalized base meal plan suited to your body’s needs, goals and lifestyle
  • Weekly updates related to your current goals or health treatment
  • Superfoods diet protocol
  • 24/7 online support for any specific questions or concerns
  • Detox and cleanse protocols

$79 Monthly

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Your expert guide to vitality and great body composition through healthy eating and the right…

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